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Nathan Royal is a guitarist, singer, teacher, and band leader based in Salt Lake City, Utah. His folk roots stretch back to his childhood home of Anchorage, Alaska, where he first discovered his obsession with the guitar. After several years of self-experimentation and a series of bands with his friends, he found his way as a guitar teacher to Alaska City Folk Arts, the music camp that kick-started his desire to play music professionally. It only took one week of getting paid to teach, perform, and stay up all night jamming, to get him hooked on the job!

In 2010, he moved to Salt Lake City to study music at the University of Utah, where he received a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance. The University created the space for him to combine his love of acoustic and community music with the sharp focus of jazz discipline. There he started the band, Hot House West with two other students, James Martak and Kevin Schultz. Together, they dove headfirst into the music of Django Reinhardt. The band has since performed in major venues across Utah as well as several appearances in Las Vegas, including the Django Vegas Festival. The playful, energetic nature of the music keeps them busy performing everything from bars and weddings, to crowded dance halls and major festivals.

Always in search of new musical ideas and a deeper connection with the guitar, Nathan has travelled around the world to study and play with great musicians and teachers. A regular at Django in June, Djangofest Northwest, and the bars and venues across Western Europe where Django Jazz thrives, he has had the chance to study and play with great musicians such as Tcha Limberger, Fapy Lafertin, and Denis Chang.

More recently, Nathan has rekindled his love of other American Roots music through his project with Jack Dwyer, the Another Brothers. Together they explore classic American songs through the medium of tightly harmonized Brother Duets pitted against virtuosic instrumental interplay. They have toured through the Pacific Northwest, California, Alaska, and Utah, sharing their music with audiences large and small.

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In the words of Alex Blackburn from Slug Magazine: "It’s the kind of album that brings the mood in any room up. Hot House West have created an experience that’s so easy and uplifting that if I could have this EP playing in my ears all day, I wouldn’t ever be able to stop smiling."
The Hot House West self-titled EP was recorded at MetCom Studios in Salt Lake City.

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Whether you are interested in booking me as a side-man, booking one of my groups, or you are looking for lessons, or long philosophical rants about the nature of existence, I am eager to connect!

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